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About Infoflip®

Welcome to Flip Productions Limited — we make Infoflips®.

hands holding an open Infoflip with one page flipped up

Infoflips are a unique type of publication

They are designed to make information easily accessible where you need it - in the field, or on your desk, in your pocket, backpack, briefcase, purse or glove compartment.

Infoflips make effective:

  • training manuals
  • procedural manuals
  • safety guides
  • field guides
  • pre-job risk assessment tools
  • marketing tools
  • conference guides
  • any application where well-designed and user-friendly quick reference is important.

Infoflips make highly effective regulations guides or procedural guides. The information is easy to access, particularly during critical situations where a procedure must be followed.

An Infoflip can hold a lot of information

A double Infoflip can have 5,000 to 6,000 words, a triple 8,000 or 9,000, and they often replace a 40 to 50-page manual — the record is a 96-page manual!

Once you have an Infoflip, you'll never use a 3-ring binder again.

Infoflips can be made in a range of sizes, but a typical Infoflip is about 10 cm wide by 21 cm tall and less than 1 cm thick.

a hand holding a Forestry Compliance and a Safety Investigations Protocol Infoflip

Infoflips come in an variety of formats as illustrated below:

Field Level Risk Assessment Docu-Flip

This example, produced for Lafarge, shows a Docu-Flip which combines conventional Infoflip pages with a notepad (duplicates an option) to document information such as for risk assessment or safety inspections.

Technical Writing Guide single Infoflip

A single Infoflip (one-sided) with 10 pages, a Technical Writing Guide produced by BC Hydro.

A guide to harvesting practices and procedures double infoflip

A double Infoflip (two-sided) with 16 pages, a guide to harvesting practices and procedures produced for Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

A guide to transportation of dangerous goods triple infoflip

A triple Infoflip (three-sided) with 24 pages, a guide to transportation of dangerous goods, produced for BC Hydro.

A conference guide mini infoflip

A Mini-flip with 8 pages, a conference guide produced for the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers.

The Infoflip has been adopted by many organizations including:

  • Safety organizations such as WorkSafeBC, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario
  • Provincial Ministry offices such as Ministry of Forests and Range, Ministry of Transport
  • Training organizations such as Enform
  • Industrial support organizations such as BC Construction Safety Alliance, BC Association of Restoration Contractors, BC Municipal Safety Association, Nova Forest Alliance
  • Public utilities such as BC Hydro, SaskPower, Thunder Bay Hydro
  • Transportation organizations such as BC Ferries, BC Transit, Skytrain
  • Municipal organizations such as Metro Vancouver, Cariboo Regional District.

As well, the Infoflip is also used by hundreds of companies in resource sectors such as oil and gas, forestry and mining in a variety of applications.

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