Our Services

Writing and formatting

If you prefer to have us write your material, you can send us your content in the form of a manual or as a collection of printed material from different sources. We will then reorganize, reformat and often rewrite your information into an Infoflip.

before and after - a large binder and the Infoflips that replaced it

Before: a large binder. After: 2 pocket-sized Infoflips. (Faller Training Standard - WorkSafeBC)

Editing and final proofing

Alternatively, you may opt to use one of our templates and do your own writing and just have us edit/proofread your content.

Graphic design

We can produce charts, graphs and illustrations from your data.

graphic design before and after

From concept graphic to finished Infoflip graphic.(Creative Performance - David G. Smith, Creative Links International)


We can produce Infoflips in most languages through the use of our translation services, or you can provide us with your translation.

translated Infoflips

Two examples of translated Infoflips.

Our hourly rate for these services is $80.00 CDN.

Our approach to working with you

We work in close communication with our clients and typically will produce several draft revisions before the content is finalized.

At Flip Productions, there are no hard and fast rules; we strive to fit with what our clients want to do.

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