The Infoflip® Process

Content preparation

Most often, a client will provide us with their edited information and we will do the design and formatting. Sometimes they provide a large amount of information in various formats, while at other times, they provide as little as a topic focus and a couple of websites as a starting point.

We work in close communication with our clients and typically will produce several draft revisions before the content is finalized.

In some cases, a client would like to do some or all of the content preparation internally. In that case, we can provide a template (in the current version of Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign) which includes specifications for content, fonts and graphics.

Please click here for helpful tips on writing and photography for an Infoflip.

Production and delivery times

Once a client has signed off on the content, it takes about four weeks to produce the finished product.

Infoflips® are manufactured in Germany. For Western Canadian customers, we usually consolidate an airfreight shipment to Vancouver every 2 to 3 weeks. For the remainder of Canada and all US customers, we ship directly from Germany as soon as production is complete.


With a number of variables such as content preparation, format, paper quality and number of copies to be printed, we need to discuss your specific needs and see some of your material before we can provide you with a detailed quote.

Variables that affect cost:

Writing/content preparation

The more tight your text material is when we get it, the less editing we will have to do. However, we are happy to do it if you want us to. Once we start your Infoflip, we’ll give you periodic updates for every 10 to 15 hours spent on your project.

Number of copies

There is no minimum print-run size. Orders under 500 are printed digitally, while those over 500 are printed on a 4-colour offset press. Digital copies cost more or less the same no matter how many are printed, but the price of copies from the offset press go down when more copies are printed.

Cellophane coating

The cellophane option, a waterproof protective layer, is requested by almost all of our clients. It adds tremendous strength and durability, a smooth feel and a no-glare, matte finish to the Infoflip cover and pages.

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