Tips for Writing Infoflips

Start by determining who your audience is, what they are likely to know already and under what circumstances will they be using the Infoflip.

Some possible ways to organize information:

  • from general to specific
  • from specific to general
  • from what the audience already knows to new information
  • step by step
  • from most important to least important

Writing guidelines:

Use plain words

Instead of Use
accomplish do
ascertain find out
disseminate send out, distribute
endeavor try
expedite hasten, speed up
facilitate make easier, help
formulate work out, devise, form
in lieu of instead of
locality place
optimum best, greatest, most
strategize plan
utilize use

Cut out unnecessary words

Instead of: Use:
with regard to about
by means of by
in the event that if
until such time until
during such time whle
in respect of for
in view of the fact because
on the part of by
subsequent to after
under the provisions of under
with a view to to
it would appear that apparently
it is probable that probably
notwithstanding the fact that although
adequate number of enough
excessive number of number

Use active sentences that start with verbs

  • Instead of: It is recommended that trenches that are two metres or deeper have support. Use: Support trenches two metres or deeper.
  • Instead of: The computer should be switched on. Use: Switch on the computer. Other Examples: Open the valve. Press the emergency button. Tell your supervisor.

Eliminate redundancy

  • Link to another page if the subject has already been covered.
  • Example: Fill out an incident report (2).

Be consistent

  • in capitalization and punctuation for bullets and headings
  • in abbreviations and spacing (e.g., 2m. / 2 metres / 2 m)

Use Lists

  • Keep lists parallel.
  • Use numbers instead of bullets only when describing step-by-step procedures.
  • Watch order of list items; put notes and warnings at the start of the instructions, or before the list item to which they refer.
  • If the list item is a full sentence, use appropriate punctuation.

Do a Test Run

  • Before submitting your text, get feedback from people who are likely to use the Infoflip.

Download a printable version of these writing tips.

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